The Nordic Winners at Galleri Klein in Aalto

30.10.2015 11:57
Espoo, Otaniemi, Aalto University, ARTS House
Free Entry

The Nordic Winners are shown at ARTS House in Aalto University, Espoo - Otaniemi


After taking part in running two different Helsinki-based (Kallio) grass root galleries with two very different communities (ROR Gallery in the beginning of the 2000s and Kallio Kunsthalle in the beginning of the 2010s) Max Ryynänen decided April 2, 2014, that now it is time to finally put up a suitcase gallery. The fantasy of opening a mobile exhibition space had, during the years, gone a long way from boats, wagons and buses to wet dreams about suitcase biennales, but in the end it seemed easiest to go for a small 'gallery', to put it up very fast, and to run it alone. The "Klein" in the gallery's name is a hommage to Yves Klein, who was one of the pioneers in using the gallery space as an artistic tool. (He e.g. offered blue drinks in an empty gallery in the late 1950s.) Klein stands as well for small in German. And the space really is small, a children's suitcase.

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