Finalist 60secondsdance - Finland 2016 go to Kirjasto10

29.03.2016 08:00
Kirjasto10, Elielinaukio 2G, Helsinki
Free Entrance

Dance film leaps to the library. Loikka dance film festival presents the best of its 2015 films and finalists of Finnish 60secondsdance competition at Loikka@Kirjasto10 screening point. Visitors of Kirjasto10 can explore the dance film genre on their own time. The screening point is open according to the library's opening hours. Total duration 80 minutes including dance films from Finland and abroad. ​Sit back, put on the headphones on and enjoy refreshing and different dance films! Opening hours: ma- to / Mon-Thu 8–22 pe / Fri 8–20 la-su / Sat-Sun 12–18