Between organizers of the 60secondsdance online dance film competition and the representative of the film, hereinafter referred to as “the entrant”. 

Organizers of the 60secondsdance online dance film competition are Loikka Kontakti, Finland, ScreenMoves / Dansehallerne, Denmark and DansiT/Multiplié Dance Festival, Norway and hereinafter referred to as “the organizer”.

60secondsdance competition is organized in Finland, Denmark and Norway. The first prize is € 1500, runner up prize € 500 and the audience award will be included in the Nordic winner compilation.

Closing date for uploading video and entering online is Jannuary 18th, 2018 at 23:59 (Central European Time). 


The entrant is obliged to fulfill the following conditions in order to compete:


1) The entrant is 18 years of age or older.


2) The entrant agrees to the terms and conditions of the Competition. Please tick the related boxes on the online “Entry Form”.


3) The entrant confirms and guarantees that he/she have obtained and holds all the required rights to his/her film to submit it to the competition and extensively screen the film. Particularly the permission for the use of musical works and, if applicable, still photographs and third-party choreographic works in the film is required.


4) The entrant will indemnify the organizer from any liability and any possible payment obligation, which might arise due to the infringement of copyrights and other ancillary copyrights of third parties by entering the competition and showing the film during the competition.

NOTE: this includes music rights. Make sure that you have the right to use the music for your dance film!


5) The entrant agrees to upload the video to YouTube before filling out the entry form. The YouTube link must be entered into the entry form at www.60secondsdance.com by January 18th, 2018 at 23:59 (Central European Time). The YouTube video must have the same title as the film.


6) The entrant agrees that the uploaded film is available on YouTube and remains available for use on the organizer’s webpage and other social, digital or online media during 60secondsdance competition 2018.


7) The entrant agrees (if the film is accepted for screening), that short excerpts of it (selected by the organizer) may be used in trailers or other video materials concerning 60secondsdance.


 8) The entrant grants the organizer and its assignees the right to use and distribute the film from the date on which the nomination or prize is announced to a maximum of three years. 


9) The entrant grants (if the film is accepted for screening) the organizer the rights to broadcasting for three years. In case of commercial use of the film on television, a separate distribution and broadcasting contract will be made locally with the entrant.


10) If selected as one of the top films the entrant agrees that his/her film can be reproduced on a DVD/BlueRay compilation or other format and to be distributed worldwide to dance film festivals, art galleries and/or any other screening facility, with no commercial value and without a fee being due or payable to the entrant.


11) The entrant agrees that if he/she is the winner of the first prize of € 1500 or the runner up of € 500, he/she will pay the necessary taxes in the country of his/her residence. The payment will be notified to the Finnish, Danish and Norwegian tax authorities as warranted by the laws of these countries.


12) The entrant guarantees that the film(s) submitted by him/her do not violate international laws of civil rights, hereunder does not discriminate against race, sex, religion, age, previous condition of servitude, physical limitation, national origin, and in some instances sexual orientation.


13) The entrant guarantees that the film(s) submitted by him/her are free from X-rated contents, as well as any commercial contents which any organization will benefit from, and that no name of a brand or product can be seen either directly or indirectly.


14) The entrant warrants that his/her personal details disclosed about the entrant in the entry form are correct and the entrant has not misled the organizer regarding his/her identity.


15) The entrant will indemnify the organizer against all claims, losses and damages arising as a result of any breach of this clause.

The laws of Finland, Denmark and Norway are applicable. 


REMEMBER: to accept the Terms and Conditions of the 60secondsdance competition by ticking the box in the online Entry Form.