60secondsdance online dance film competition rules 2018


1. Anyone 18 years or older can participate.

2. The competition opens November 6th, 2017 and closes January 18th, 2018 at 23:59 (Central European Time). 

3. Participation in the competition is free of charge.

4. There is no limit as to the year of production of films.

5. Each individual can only submit three films. 

6. No previous submitted films to 60secondsdance will be accepted.

7. Any camera may be used, including cell phones, iPads etc, as long as the uploaded version complies with 60secondsdance delivery requirements. 

8. The film must have no credits. No names of artists in film. If the film is selected the filmmaker will be asked to provide 60secondsdance with a version including credits.

9. The film must be exactly 60 seconds in length. Any film that does not meet the 60 seconds format will automatically be disqualified. Sometimes however YouTube adds on an extra back/blank second. Don’t worry; we will not disqualify you for that, just as long as your actual film is 60 seconds.

10. You may enter each film only once. Make sure you have the final edit and are happy with it before you upload! We will not accept multiple entries. 

11. All contestants must upload their films on YouTube before filling out the entry form. The YouTube link must be entered into the entry form at www.60secondsdance.com by January 18th, 2018 at 23:59 (Central European Time). Make sure the video is set to public. Make sure that the YouTube video has the same title as the film.

12. Make sure to clear the rights for the music for your film. In case of copyright issues your film will be disqualified.

13. Each film entrant must tick the “I have read and I agree to the Terms and Conditions” box when filling the online Entry Form. Please read the Terms and Conditions first before ticking this box. It is the contract.