60secondsdance welcomes dance films of all genres, while challenging the filmmaker to sharpen his/her script writing, choreography, camera and editing skills in exactly 60 seconds. The pre-selection jury will look at the choreography of the movement, the cinematography, the selection of shots, the rhythm of the edit, location, sets, objects, costumes, emotions, overall aesthetic “look and feel”, as well as if the dramaturgy is well rounded within 60 seconds.


60secondsdance promotes the art form of dance film and gives dance filmmakers an online platform to showcase their work. The winning films will enter our Nordic curated compilation, and be distributed to our extensive network of screening venues, festivals and broadcasting networks. 60secondsdance aims to show dance films with high artistic quality to a large number of audiences in urban as well as peripheral localities.


The Nordic 60secondsdance competition collaboration is an expansion of the annual competition run by ScreenMoves and Dansens Dag in Dansehallerne from 2011-14. 

At the end of 2014 Loikka Dance Film Festival (FI) and ScreenDance Festival (SE) joined ScreenMoves/Dansehallerne (DK) with the goal of reaching more artists and audiences in the Nordic region and worldwide. The result was an increase in film submissions, online views and screenings. Between 2015-16 we received 536 films from more than 50 different countries, had 72 Nordic and international screenings with a total of over 16.000 audiences and over 30.000 views on our YouTube channel.

Now the partners are Loikka Kontakti/Loikka Dance Film Festival (FI), ScreenMoves/Dansehallerne (DK) and DansiT (NO). We continue to broaden the awareness of the art form to international audiences while building a platform that can serve the artists and rise the artistic level of dance film.